Cocaine Street Names and Crack Cocaine Slang Terms
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Cocaine Street Names

What are the street names / slang terms for Cocaine?


All-American drug Cocaine
Angie Cocaine
Aspirin Powder cocaine
Aunt Powder cocaine
Aunt Nora Cocaine
Balling Vaginally implanted cocaine
Banano Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine
Barbs Cocaine
Basa Crack cocaine
Base Cocaine; crack
Base crazies Searching on hands and knees for cocaine or crack
Base head A person who bases
Based out To have lost control over basing
Basing Crack Cocaine
Basuco (Spanish) Cocaine; Coca paste residue sprinkled on regular or marijuna cigarette
Batman Cocaine; heroin
Bazooka Cocaine; crack; crack and tobacco combined in a joint; coca paste and marijuana
Bazulco Cocaine
Beam Cocaine
Behind the scale To weigh and sell cocaine
Beiging Chemicals altering cocaine to make it appear a higher purity; chemically altering cocaine to make it look brown
Belushi Combination of cocaine and heroin
Bernice Cocaine
Bernie Cocaine
Bernie's flakes Cocaine
Bernie's gold dust Cocaine
Big bloke Cocaine
Big C Cocaine
Big flake Cocaine
Big rush Cocaine
Billie hoke Cocaine
Bipping Snorting heroin and cocaine, either separately or together
Birdie powder Cocaine; heroin
Black rock Crack Cocaine
Blanca (Spanish) Cocaine
Blanco (Spanish) Heroin; cocaine
Blast Cocaine; Smoke crack; Marijuana; smoke marijuana or crack
Blizzard A white cloud in a pipe used to smoke cocaine
Blotter Crack cocaine; LSD
Blow Cocaine; to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana
Blow blue To inhale cocaine
Blow coke To inhale cocaine
Blow smoke To inhale cocaine
Blunt Marijuana inside a cigar; cocaine and marijuana inside a cigar
Body-packer Individual who ingests wrapped packets of crack or cocaine to transport
Bolivian marching powder Cocaine
Booster To inhale cocaine
Bopper Crack cocaine
Bouncing powder Cocaine
Boy Cocaine; heroin
Break night Staying up all night on a cocaine binge until daybreak
Brick Crack Cocaine; cocaine; marijuana; 1 kilogram of marijuana
Bubble gum Cocaine; crack cocaine; marijuana from Tennessee
Bump Crack; fake crack; cocaine; boost a high; hit of ketamine ($20)
Bumper Crack cocaine
Bumping up Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) combined with powder cocaine
Bunk Fake cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Burese Cocaine
Burnese Cocaine
Bush Marijuana; cocaine; PCP
C Cocaine
C & M Cocaine and morphine
C joint Place where cocaine is sold
C-dust Cocaine
C-game Cocaine
Cabello (Spanish) Cocaine
Cadillac Cocaine; PCP
Caine Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
California cornflakes Cocaine
Came Cocaine
Candy Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; amphetamine; depressants
Candy C Cocaine
Candy flipping on a string Combining or sequencing LSD with MDMA; mixing LSD, MDMA, and cocaine
Candy sugar Powder cocaine
Caps Heroin; psilocybin/psilocin; crack; Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Carnie Cocaine
Carrie Cocaine
Carrie Nation Cocaine
Caviar Combination of cocaine and marijuana; Crack Cocaine
CDs Crack cocaine
Cecil Cocaine
Chalked up Under the influence of cocaine
Chalking Chemically altering the color of cocaine so it looks white
Champagne Combination of cocaine and marijuana
Charlie Cocaine
Chase To smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana
Chicken scratch Searching on hands and knees for crack or cocaine
Chippy Cocaine
Choe Cocaine
Cholly Cocaine
Coca Cocaine
Cocaine blues Depression after extended cocaine use
Cocktail Cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular cigarette; to smoke cocaine in a cigarette
Cocoa puff To smoke cocaine and marijuana
Coconut Cocaine
Coke Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Coke bar A bar where cocaine is openly used
Cola Cocaine
Combol Cocaine
Comeback Benzocaine and mannitol used to adulterate cocaine for conversion to crack
Cooking up To process powdered cocaine into crack.
Coolie Cigarette laced with cocaine
Cork the air To inhale cocaine
Corrine Cocaine
Corrinne Cocaine
Cotton brothers Cocaine, heroin and morphine
Crack Cocaine
Crisscrossing The practice of setting up a line of cocaine next to a line of heroin. The user places a straw in each nostril and snorts about half of each line. Then the straws are crossed and the remaining lines are snorted
Crystal Cocaine; amphetamine; methamphetamine;PCP
Dama blanca (Spanish) Cocaine
Devil's dandruff Crack cocaine; powder cocaine
Do a line To inhale cocaine
Double breasted dealing Dealing cocaine and heroin together
Double bubble Cocaine
Draf Marijuana; ecstasy, with cocaine
Dream Cocaine
Duct Cocaine
Dust Marijuana mixed with various chemicals; cocaine; heroin; PCP
Dynamite Cocaine mixed with heroin
El diablito (Spanish) Cocaine, marijuana, heroin and PCP
El diablo (Spanish) Cocaine, marijuana and heroin
Electric kool-aid Crack cocaine
Esnortiar (Spanish) Cocaine
Everclear Cocaine; gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Fast white lady Powder cocaine
Five-way Combines snorting of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ground up flunitrazepam pills, and drinking alcohol
Flake Cocaine
Flame cooking Smoking cocaine base by putting the pipe over a stove flame
Flamethrowers Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco
Flash LSD; the rush of cocaine injection
Flave Powder cocaine
Flex Fake crack (rock cocaine)
Florida snow Cocaine
Foo Foo Cocaine
Foo foo stuff Heroin; cocaine
Foo-foo dust Cocaine
Foolish powder Cocaine; heroin
Freebase To smoke cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Freeze Cocaine; renege on a drug deal
Frisco special Cocaine, heroin, and LSD
Frisco speedball Cocaine, heroin, and a dash of LSD
Friskie powder Cocaine
Frontloading The process of tranferring a drug solution from one syringe to another
G-rock One gram rock cocaine
Gaffel Fake cocaine
Geek-joints Cigarettes or cigars filled with tobacco and crack; a marijuana cigarette laced with crack or powdered cocaine
Geeze To inhale cocaine
Ghostbusting Smoking cocaine; searching for white particles in the belief that they are crack
Gift-of-the-sun Cocaine
Gift-of-the-sun-god Cocaine
Gin Cocaine
Girl Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; heroin
Girlfriend Cocaine
Glad stuff Cocaine
Go on a sleigh ride To inhale cocaine
Gold dust Cocaine
Goofball Cocaine mixed with heroin; depressants
Gremmies Combination of cocaine and marijuana
H & C Heroin and cocaine
Half piece 1/2 ounce of heroin or cocaine
Happy dust Cocaine
Happy powder Cocaine
Happy trails Cocaine
Have a dust Cocaine
Haven dust Cocaine
Heaven Cocaine; heroin
Heaven dust Cocaine; heroin
Henry VIII Cocaine
Her Cocaine
Hitch up the reindeers To inhale cocaine
Hooter Cocaine; marijuana
Horn To inhale cocaine; Crack pipe; to inhale a drug
Horning To inhale cocaine; heroin
Hunter Cocaine
Ice Cocaine; crack cocaine; smokable methamphetamine; methamphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA); phencyclidine (PCP)
Icing Cocaine
Inca message Cocaine
Jam Cocaine; amphetamine
Jejo Cocaine
Jelly Cocaine
Jim Jones Marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP
Joy powder Cocaine; heroin
Junk Cocaine; heroin
King Cocaine
King's habit Cocaine
Lace Cocaine and marijuana
Lady Cocaine
Lady caine Cocaine
Lady snow Cocaine
Late night Cocaine
Leaf Cocaine; Marijuana
Line Cocaine
Liquid lady Cocaine that is dissolved in water and ingested as a nasal spray
Love affair Cocaine
Ma'a Crack cocaine (Samoan)
Macaroni and Cheese $5 pack of marijuana and a dime bag of cocaine
Mama coca Cocaine
Marching dust Cocaine
Marching powder Cocaine
Mayo Cocaine; heroin
Merck Cocaine
Merk Cocaine
Mix A term used to refer to cocaine or a drug environment
Mojo Cocaine; heroin
Monkey Cigarette made from cocaine paste and tobacco; drug dependency; heroin
Monos (Spanish) Cigarette made from cocaine paste and tobacco
Monster Cocaine
Mosquitos Cocaine
Movie star drug Cocaine
Mujer (Spanish) Cocaine
Murder One Heroin and cocaine
Nieve (Spanish) Cocaine
Nose Cocaine; heroin
Nose candy Cocaine
Nose powder Cocaine
Nose stuff Cocaine
Number 3 Cocaine; heroin
One and one To inhale cocaine
One bomb 100 rocks of crack cocaine
One on one house Where cocaine and heroin can be purchased
One plus one sales Selling cocaine and heroin together
Onion 1 oz. of crack cocaine
Oyster stew Cocaine
P-dogs Combination of cocaine and marijuana
Paradise Cocaine
Paradise white Cocaine
Pariba Powder cocaine
Pearl Cocaine
Percia Cocaine
Percio Cocaine
Perico (Spanish) Cocaine
Peruvian Cocaine
Peruvian flake Cocaine
Peruvian lady Cocaine
Picking Searching on hands and knees for cocaine or crack
Piece Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; 1 ounce
Pimp Cocaine
Polvo blanco (Spanish) Cocaine
Pop To inhale cocaine
Powder Cocaine HCL; heroin; amphetamine
Powder diamonds Cocaine
Press Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Primo Crack; marijuana mixed with cocaine; crack and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco
Primos Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin
Purple caps Crack cocaine
Purple haze LSD; crack cocaine; marijuana
Quill Cocaine; heroin; methamphetamine
Racehorse charlie Cocaine; heroin
Rane Cocaine; heroin
Ready rock Cocaine; crack cocaine; heroin
Real tops Crack cocaine
Recompress Change the shape of cocaine flakes to resemble "rock"
Rider 5 kilograms of heroin sometimes provided at no cost per 100 kilograms of cocaine imported from Colombia
Rock star Female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack; a person who uses rock cocaine
Rock(s) Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Roxanne Cocaine; crack
Rush Cocaine; isobutyl nitrite; inhalants
Sandwich Two layers of cocaine with a layer of heroin in the middle
Schmeck Cocaine
Schoolboy Cocaine; codeine
Scorpion Cocaine
Scottie Cocaine
Scotty Cocaine; crack; the high from crack
Scramble Crack cocaine; low purity, adulterated heroin
Seconds Second inhalation of crack from a pipe
Serial speedballing Sequencing cocaine, cough syrup, and heroin over a 1-2 day period
Serpico 21 Cocaine
Sevenup Cocaine; crack
Shake Marijuana; powder cocaine
Shaker/baker/water Materials needed to freebase cocaine: shaker bottle, baking soda, water
She Cocaine
Shebanging Mixing cocaine with water and squirting it up nose
Sherman stick Crack cocaine combined with marijuana in a blunt
Shot To inject a drug; an amount of cocaine; 10 shot or 20 shot
Shrile Powder cocaine
Sleigh ride Cocaine
Smoke houses Crack houses
Smoking gun Heroin and cocaine
Sniff To inhale cocaine; methcathinone; inhalants
Snort To inhale cocaine; use inhalant
Snow Cocaine; heroin; amphetamine
Snow bird Cocaine user; cocaine
Snow seals Cocaine and amphetamine
Snow white Cocaine
Snowball Cocaine and heroin
Snowcones Cocaine
Soap Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB); crack cocaine; methamphetamine
Society high Cocaine
Soda Injectable cocaine
Soft Powder cocaine
Soup Crack cocaine
Speedball Cocaine mixed with heroin; crack and heroin smoked together; methylphenidate (ritalin) mixed with heroin; amphetamine
Speedballing To shoot up or smoke a mixture of cocaine and heroin; ecstasy mixed with ketamine; the simultaneous use of a stimulant with a depressant
Speedballs-nose-style The practice of snorting cocaine
Splitting Rolling marijuana and cocaine into a single joint
Sporting To inhale cocaine
Squirrel Combination of PCP and marijuana, sprinkled with cocaine and smoked; marijuana, PCP, and crack combined and smoked; LSD
Stacks Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) adulterated with heroin or crack
Star Cocaine; amphetamine; methcathinone
Star-spangled powder Cocaine
Stardust Cocaine; PCP
Studio fuel Cocaine
Sugar Cocaine; Crack cocaine; heroin; LSD
Sugar boogers Powder cocaine
Sweet stuff Cocaine; heroin
T Cocaine; Marijuana
Talco (Spanish) Cocaine
Tardust Cocaine
Teenager Cocaine
Teeth Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Thing Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; heroin; main drug interest at the momement.
Tio Cocaine-laced marijuana cigarette
Toke To inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana; marijuana
Toot Cocaine; to inhale cocaine
Trails Cocaine; LSD induced perception that moving objects leave multiple images or trails behind them
Turkey Cocaine; amphetamine
Tutti-frutti (Portuguese) Flavored cocaine
Twinkie Crack cocaine
Uptown Powder cocaine
White boy Heroin; powder cocaine
White dragon Powder cocaine; heroin
White girl Cocaine; heroin
White horse Cocaine; heroin
White lady Cocaine; heroin
White mosquito Cocaine
White powder Cocaine; PCP
Whiz bang Cocaine; Heroin and cocaine
Wild cat Methcathinone mixed with cocaine
Window pane LSD; crack cocaine
Wings Cocaine; heroin
Witch Cocaine; heroin
Woolas Cigarettes laced with cocaine; crack sprinkled on marijuana cigarette
Wooties Crack smoked in marijuana joints
Working bags Bags containing several small rocks of crack cocaine
Yam Crack cocaine
Yao Powder cocaine
Yeyo (Spanish) Cocaine, Spanish term
Zip Cocaine

Cocaine Street Names and Crack Cocaine Slang Terms
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